The Marvisa extracts from its quarries zone Estremoz - Vila Viçosa some of the best Portuguese marble. Conjugate 20 years of experience with modern extraction techniques and modern technology.




Two factories processing with 4335m ² of covered area and 20 years in the sector Marvisa ensure a wide and proven experience and a certainty in the future of the extraction and processing of marble. The quality of processed products by Marvisa are high quality, and these transformer according to the stringent requirements of its customers.



  • Stone slabs of various types and sizes with the unpolished, whether for walls or tile.
  • Decorative stones in various shapes and colors
  • Gravel of various sizes and colors.
  • Stone blocks several dimensions
  • Masonry
  • Stones for Driveways
  • Tumbled stones for decoration






The large permanent stock of various kinds of stones, accuracy in stone processing and high quality control and excellent value for money, makes Marvisa is one of the renowned international companies exporting the stone from Portugal to the world.